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History 1916 - Present

The beginnings of Union Presbyterian Church date back to the spring of 1916 when a Sunday School  was organized under the leadership of Mrs. Joseph M. Wright. The Sunday School met in the DuPont School. Then, on March 5, 1917, the Presbytery of West Jersey formally organized a Presbyterian Church with 20 members under the leadership of Rev. C. A. Fornataro. 

On Sunday, February 15, 1920, the pastor Dr. O. Bell Close dedicated the church.  A reception was held for 114 people entering the membership of the church.  A petition was drawn requesting that the Presbytery of West Jersey change the name of the church to Union Presbyterian Church.  Because of extremely crowded conditions and the need for additional facilities, extensive renovations were made, and an educational building added in 1950.

Forty-two years after the dedication of the first church building, a new church building of modern design was dedicated on February 17, 1962.  Over 500 persons, including both members and visitors, viewed the dedication of the new sanctuary which connected with the former church building.  This former church building became part of the educational facility.

By 1988, it had become apparent that this former church building would have to undergo extensive renovations. When these renovations were completed in 1990, the Presbytery of West Jersey dedicated the newly named Featherer Hall in memory of Judge Alvin and Sally Featherer.  This building, with its large meeting room, choir room, Deacons' closet, modern kitchen, and up-to-date facilities is in constant use, not only for church gatherings but also for other community activities as well.

At the present time, an updating of the lower floor of the 1950 education building has recently just been completed. This included construction of new separate classrooms, updating older classrooms, and making these ramp-accessible.



Pastoral History

1917-1918 Rev. C. A. Fornataro

1918-1920 Rev. O. Bell Close

1921-1924 Rev. Frank E. Depue

1924-1927 Rev. N. Calhoun

1927-1928 Rev. Imman Wilcox

1928-1945 Rev. Dr. Thurlow Fraser

1946-1947 Rev. Harvey Jennings

1948-1952 Rev. Joseph MacCarroll

1953-1958 Rev. H. Newton Hudson

1958-1962 Rev. William J. Evans

1963-1966 Rev. Ralph Tomaccio

1967-1974 Rev. Dr. Joseph MacCarroll

1976-1980 Rev. William Kight

1981-1985 Rev. Gregg Townsley

1986-1995 Rev. Robert T. Walters

1995-1998 Rev. Suzanne Uittenbogaard (Interim)

1998-2004 Rev. Dr. Roger L. Dunnavan

2004-2006 Rev. Paul Tuttle (Interim)

2006-2008 Rev. Linda Gillon Post

2008-2009 Rev Tim Hines (Interim)

2010-2011 Rev. Neta Pringle (Interim)

2011-2016 Rev. Christopher Doyle  

The Presbyterian Tradition

         Union Presbyterian Church viewed from Walker Ave.

Many people ask what the difference is between the Presbyterian Church and the various other churches that are in our communities. Well, the biggest thing that distinguishes us is our history.

The Presbyterians are the Pilgrims and Puritans that we all learned about when we were in Elementary School. They arrived here from England and Holland looking for a freedom of religious belief. Once they arrived in the "New World" they established themselves, even using their form of church governance to establish the democratic system that we still use today here in the US. Over the years, major disagreements did happen that caused splits and new churches to form.

Out of those divisions, the various Protestant denominations were created. Be sure though, we're all together as Christians, seeing the Old and New Testaments as vital to our understandings of community, God and Life.
Today, the Presbyterian Church, USA works all over the world educating, feeding, providing health care and developing healthy communities. And in doing that, the Presbyterian Church believes that if you teach a person how to fish, they will be able to take care of themselves. Our goal is to teach people how to fish...

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