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Deacons Report

Over the last months, we have been able to feed a large number of families through our Deacon?s pantry. We also still have six to nine families that we provide food baskets to at various holidays. We have expanded our pantry to include toiletries and dry goods, we depend on donations from our congregation for those things. On an ongoing basis, we are asking for the following items: paper towels, toilet paper, tooth paste and brushes, shampoo, bath soap, feminine products, and laundry products. Also, as a reminder, there are envelopes in the pews for monetary donations which enables us to give gift cards with the holiday food baskets. The Board of Deacons is thankful for all the help the congregation provides.

The Deacons have reinstated their card ministry. Please notify Deacon Mary Palfrey (856-299-3961) with any news of joy or concern so that our Deacons can respond accordingly.

If there are any questions about the Board of Deacons or what we are doing, please contact Paula Martin at (856-759-7172)

.As we look about our beautiful facility we call Union Presbyterian Church, you can't help but notice the many improvements and cosmetic changes that have occurred in the past year.  The handicap entrance doors and the Tower Doors were replaced with custom made doors that will remain beautiful for many years to come.  The doors  for the church's narthex area have been ordered and should be installed in the upcoming months.

We began our centennial year on March 5th, with a service reminiscent of 1917. As we commemorate 100 years, other celebratory events will be announced.

Union Presbyterian Church has always been true to its mission of providing an open place of worship and spiritual fulfillment to our membership and the surrounding communities.  With your prayers and financial support, we will continue to carry on God?s work and meet the needs of our church family and neighbors for years to come.  

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