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Letter from Pastor Chris

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In 1919, the growing community of Presbyterians in the Carneys Point area organized and raised the needed funds to build Union Presbyterian Church. What became of their efforts was a labor of love, and has served to be the spiritual home to many families in the years that followed.

In the 1950's, the church grew and grew and clearly needed a bigger house to worship in. Once again, the community organized and raised the required funds for what was needed. In 1962, a beautiful new sanctuary was blessed and ready for song, the Word and celebration. As we all know, the former sanctuary then became the new fellowship hall, and Union Presbyterian continued its mission and ministry for the community in big ways.

Today, our Union family continues to be a really important part of the greater surrounding communities; providing a home for not just our church family, but for various local scouting groups, the Woman's Club of PG-CP, the Salem County Brass Society and various support groups needed by our neighbors. Union Presbyterian Church is an extremely busy place!

So, in order to continue to serve as a home for our spiritual needs and for the needs of our greater community, we must maintain our house. The obvious reality is that from time to time we run into needs that were unforeseen when preparing our yearly budgets. Currently, we're facing such a need that (requires) our attention. I'm sure that most all of you are well aware of the state of the main front entrance between our sanctuary and Featherer Hall. Over the years, the doors (which are wooden) have become warped and weathered. We only open them on Sunday mornings due to their dilapidated state and our fear of not being able to re-close them again properly if used more often. Being a main entrance to our house, I'm sure that I don't need to stress their importance.

We would like to propose that this set of doors become the Union Presbyterian Church "Memorial Doors." Specifically, for a donation of at least $25, a name of your choice will be listed in memoriam on a large plaque that will be affixed on the inside of the door at the time of completion of our goal. I'd like to encourage all to remember their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, spouses, children, etc., in this way, with their names for all to see for years to come.

The current amount needed to replace the doors is about $10,000! Clearly, the required cost is not like what would be adequate in 1919 or in 1962. However, I am pretty confident that as in times past, we will be able to meet the need and to continue our wonderfully important ministry to our greater area. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact your church leadership.

In Christ's Service,
Rev. Christopher Doyle
Union Presbyterian Church

Women's Fellowship 10 am-12 noon 3rd Monday each month

We resumed meeting together this fall and we've rejoiced together in all that we've done so far and in what we plan to do in the coming months!!

On September 26th, we had our Women's Retreat with Rev. Jenn Fox.  It was a wonderful time in which we had 20 women come together and rejoice in being Christian women.  

Currently we are working on our project of Operation Christmas Child, which is a program of Samaritan's Purse, the outreach program of Franklin Graham.  We're also busy discussing what next projects and focuses for our group of devoted woman will be.  Won't you join us?

Our group welcomes all ladies and friends of Union Church and from the community.  Come join us for a time of fellowship and service as we seek to serve and share Christ?s love with others. 

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